Professor Dr. Joachim Broecher


University of Flensburg


Department for the Education of Learners with Emotional, Social and Behavioral Needs (Institute of Special Education) >

Auf dem Campus 1a, D-24943 Flensburg, Germany; joachim.broecher@uni-flensburg.de; Tel. 0461-805-2686



























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Metatheoretical Perspectives

on the Research in the Field of Educating Students with Emotional and Social Needs


Greenhouse Berlin

Learning from the Creative City for the Building of Innovative School Cultures


Learning across Generations

Connecting Autobiographical Reflection with Adults, Community Learning, and Civic Education in Schools


Life-World and Didactics

Teaching Students with Social and Emotional Needs through Hands-on Learning, Reflecting on Their Life Experiences, and Building a Basis for Curricular Learning



and Its Role for the Building of Innovative School Cultures and for the Development of Transformative Leadership


Creative Arts

Teaching Students with Social and Emotional Needs through Play, Artistic Expression, and Hands-on Learning


School-Wide Positive Behavior Support in German Schools

The Challenge of Knowledge Politics, Education Cultures and Teacher Perspectives


The Key Role of School Culture

From the Critical Analysis of Problematic School Cultures to the Development of Schools as Learning Organizations


Teaching for Social Justice

Emotional and Social Needs of Children and Youth in the Context of School, Culture, and Society


The Power of Reflection

Learning Experiences and Professional Development of Teachers Who Are Working in Challenging Fields


Stendal Study Materials

Pedagogical Knowledge Compiled for the Applied Childhood Studies


Internal Exclusion

The Responsible-Thinking-Process (Trainingroom Program) in Germany´s Schools: A Critical Evaluation



University Partnerships as Active Learning Space


Travel and Learning

How Children and Their Parents Learn through Travel


International Summer Camps

Working with Highly Motivated Youth in Germany and in the United States of America



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