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Emotional and social    geographies



Learning Spaces






Auf dem Campus 1a

Office: HEL 209

D-24943 Flensburg


Joachim Broecher

(he / him)



University of Flensburg

Institute for Special Education

Department for the Education of Learners with Emotional, Social and Behavioral Needs >





Current Projects






Phone: 0049-(0)461-805-2686


The Metropolis of Berlin:

Urban Spaces, Cultural

Mapping and Innovative

Learning Cultures

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Emotional and Social Geographies in Polish Literature: Spaces of Reflection and Transformation

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Previous Project:

German-Polish Exchange

during the Cold War

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Community-Projects in East Germany‘s Rural Spaces

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Previous Project:

Learning Across Generations

in a West German Rural


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Building and Cultivating Positive Pedagogical Relationships >


Connecting Curricular Learning with the Reflection of Students‘ Life Experiences >


Philosophical Reflection of the

Most Significant Questions of Our

Life on Earth >


Teaching Positive Learning Behavior, Work Behavior, and Social Behavior >


Transformative School Development and School Consulting with Focus Emotional and Social Learning

Project Description >


Research Cooperation with

Selected Inclusive Schools



Stadtteilschule Hamburg-Mitte >

Review of concepts (focus: School-wide PBIS); development and implementation of an own school-wide educational concept

(started 2021)



Offering Opportunities for Hands-on Learning, Experiential Learning,

and Creative Arts >


Opening and Structuring Learning Spaces through Communicative Impulses >


Understanding Schools as Learning

and Self-Reflective Organizations >


Reflecting Our Understanding of Education, Our Idea of Man/Woman, Society and Science >