Already integrated in his studies in the field of educating learners with emotional, social and behavioral needs, at University of Cologne, Germany, Dr. Broecher began his work as counselor in summer workshops, for the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation in Michigan (Prof. Dr. David P. Weikart), and later as co-director and director of summer programs in Germany, in the fields of gifted education and inclusive education in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Karl-J. Kluge. Dr. Broecher then worked in the German school system for 19 years, as teacher in specialized and inclusive school settings, and finally as school principal. During these years he did his habilitation studies, with Prof. Dr. Hans-Guenther Richter as academic advisor, and taught classes at the universities of Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, Halle and Gießen. Dr. Broecher was also active in the field of in-service teacher training and school consulting.

Since 2008 he served as professor for childhood education at University of Applied Sciences Magdeburg-Stendal. Here he build partnerships with Lenoir-Rhyne University North Carolina, Hickory, University of South Carolina Upstate, Spartanburg and Wheelock College Boston. This included an active exchange of students and faculty members. Several transatlantic workshops and field trips, particularly with Lenoir-Rhyne University, were operated either in North Carolina or in Germany. 2010 Dr. Broecher went to Wheelock College Boston, as International Presidential Visiting Scholar, to do research and discuss the current educational challenges in the field with the colleagues from the United States.

Since 2012 Dr. Broecher is professor and head of department at University of Flensburg, Germany, in the field of educating learners with emotional, social and behavioral needs. In cooperation with the Munich School Foundation he investigated the pros and cons of implementing `School-wide Positive Behavior Support´ (PBIS) in Germany´s schools. Together with European partners he currently discusses possible cultural adaptations of PBIS for Europe and Germany.

Dr. Broecher is also working on the further development of his earlier works on pedagogy, didactics and school culture for youth with emotional and social needs, with the focus on their lifeworld and their own cultural activities. In this endeavor he draws from HipHop– and Rap-Pedagogies, Place-Based Pedagogies, Gender– and Queer Studies, Urban Education, Teaching for Social Justice, Experiential Education, Metropolitan Studies, and Human Ecology Theories. Since 2015 Dr. Broecher performs extended field studies in the métropole of Berlin. What is happening in this `greenhouse´ for future social, human, and cultural developments might help to sketch out a new theoretical framework for the described pedagogical sphere.

Since 2013 Dr. Broecher acts as peer referee for the Elsevier journal „Teaching and Teacher Education (TATE)“.


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In Johann W. v. Goethe´s garden by the Ilm river in Weimar that is part of his refuge here sits this stone sculpture: a ball based on top of a squared stone. The theme symbolized here is particularly deep and invites self-exploration and reflection. The stone block stands for everything that is firm and stable in life and the ball for everything that is mobile and changeable.



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